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I came to Dr. Mark through my good friend who was having excellent results. The pain in my right shoulder, hip and right foot improved greatly within a few visits.
Now that I am halfway through, I can exercise without pain. I sleep much better and have increased energy.
Recenly my 18 month old son was sick with various symptoms for about 1 week. Severe pain with 4 new teeth coming in had him vomiting and screaming throughout the next 3 nights. In an instance of despair on how to sooth this miserable baby, I thought, I should try Dr. Mark. So I brought him in the next morning to have an adjustment. That night my baby slept all the way through . . . . .Priceless!!! 🙂
– Jennifer H.
Hi Carolyn,
Please tell Mark that not only did Melanie not cry last night before bed, she didn’t get up once at bedtime. Usually our nights go sometimes like this…”It’s bedtime!” The kids can read or watch Disney to relax. We say our prayers, give our hugs and kisses…RJ falls asleep almost immediately. Melanie gets up once to go pee, then again tells us she can’t sleep and then about 3 more times to tell us that her back hurts. About 6 out of those 10 times, she is crying because her “back really hurts.” Last night, she didn’t get up to tell us her back hurts. In fact, I was worried because she hadn’t come to complain. I went to check on her and she was asleep. Asleep? What? So I checked her forehead for fever…cool as a cucumber. The kid slept through the night. She didn’t complain in the morning about her back either. Since she has been home from school, she hadn’t complained once. I know I sound ridiculous, but it’s so wild! SOOO I sat in bed last night crying because if this was the answer all along, why did I let her suffer? The doctor checked her out and did x-rays. I went with what they said. I feel terrible!!!! Thank God that we found Mark. So then I’ve got myself SOOOO sad and now I’m wondering if we can get RJ off his steroid inhaler? Can Ray and I get off of our meds? I feel happy for her, but sad that she’s been in pain for so long. RK is constantly on meds and we have just accepted it. It makes me sick! I feel so guilty. I am almost hoping in some sick way that this isn’t the answer so I don’t feel so guilty. Not really, but do you know what I mean? I am still anticipating her usually crying spell tonight as it’s been our “normal” for some time…I hope for her that this is the beginning of a pain free life. At least physically. Now who do I see when some creepy boy breaks her heart? LOL!
See you Friday, Carrie
My son Roman had headaches for a couple of years. After 3 months of seeing Dr. Mark, his headaches have stopped and he’s not relying on medication. Thank You, Thank You!!!
– Debbie M.
My name is Nicole T., I am a 27 year old single mom who would find life much more difficult if it were not for Dr. Mark and regular chiropractic care. I suffer form chronic back and neck pain, which is often aggravated by normal everyday movements and activities. Currently I see Dr. Mark twice a week-regularly on some days the only thing that gets me through a painful day is knowing that Dr. Mark will soon put everything back in place and relieve my body of the growing tension.
I was extremely impressed from the moment Dr. Mark shook my hand at our initial meeting. He is warm and genuine in his friendly demeanor. His examination was unlike any other I have had. It was voice recorded to ensure accuracy. He asked me more than the standard 8 questions. He took time to review my charts and clarified any questions he had prior to ever adjusting me. I never felt like I was rushed through my examination. He had the time I needed! I was impressed, but the best had yet to come…my adjustment program.
After an adjustment I can sit up straighter, hold my neck center without needing to think about it, the pressure in my neck and shoulders is released, and with all this comes a much brighter disposition. Dr. Mark not only treats the spine, and the muscles, he treats the mind and the complete body.
I truly believe that every person has everything to gain by the diligent use of chiropractic care. In order for your body to function it must be in line and communication within itself properly. Good chiropractic care ensures this is accomplished and Dr. Mark is the BEST doctor of chiropractic that I have ever found in my years of searching.
Dylan is my 13 month old son who I have been bringing to see Dr. Mark since he was about 8 months old. Since he began weekly adjustments several changes have occurred, and the changes did not take months. They took days. Dylan who use to suffer greatly from diaper rashes now will only have one every 3 months or so. He went from waking up 4-7 times a night to either sleeping through the night or only waking up once. Children often get colds; unfortunately it is a fact of life. However, when Dylan gets a cold rather than it lasting weeks it only lasts 3-5 days. His digestive track is normal and I no longer worry about constipation.
I can think of many reasons Dylan and I love coming to see Dr. Mark and his staff. I hope that the few reasons I have shared with you will encourage you to take the first step to a better quality and fullness of life.
– Nicole T.
I’ve had Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) since adolescence and following the birth of my second daughter (plus running two marathons) my lower back and saroilac joint have been chronically painful. Dr. Mark has provided great relief of my pain. In addition, I didn’t realize how restricted the movement in my neck had become until Dr. Mark adjusted my neck. I can turn my head farther to the side now than I have in years.
My 2 year old daughter had become extremely cranky and nasty-always crying and exhibiting aggressive behavior. I finally concluded that she might be feeling some pain or discomfort that she was unable to vocalize. Dr. Mark has been adjusting her (and my older daughter) for about a month now and her behavior and attitude have improved. I highly recommend bringing your entire family to Dr. Mark!!!
– Cindy T.
I have learned to trust the physician that understands the laws that govern the body. One who respects those laws and works in unity with those laws. A first rate chiropractor is one who listens to the body and knows how to support its own healing abilities. A major part of healing is the person themselves. An ideal chiropractor cares for the person as well as the body, support the person through their struggles.
I can give no greater testimonial to a physician than my complete trust in his/her skills and knowledge, with full confidence that they will use their gift to help me to a higher quality of life. I give trust and confidence to Dr. Mark Burdette, who truly does all I have stated an outstanding chiropractor should do.
I have also entrusted him with care of my four children, one of which was a sickly child. After receiving chiropractic care, he is off all his medications and is strong and healthy. On the whole, my family is living a higher quality of life. I thank Dr. Mark Burdette and the other chiropractors in our past who have helped us achieve good health. – Lisa H.
Last year our then seven-month-old son experienced three ear infections in three months. Whenever a sign of cold symptoms appeared, my husband and I helplessly anticipated an ear infection developing accompanied by a fever, restless nights, and a 10-day prescription of antibiotics, which were so quickly prescribed. We thank the Lord that He has led us to Dr. Mark’s chiropractic care, which has alleviated this chronic problem. Dr. Mark has been treating our one-year-old for eight months now and our son has shown remarkable improvement. He has not had an ear infection since and is overall a healthy little boy.
– Daisy F.
I have a colickly baby. On the recommendation of Jill L., I brought my new baby to Dr. Mark. After just one treatment, there was an enormous improvement! My baby slept longer, ate more and has been able to lay down in his crib and playpen without screaming. Dr. Mark and his staff are wonderful! I would tell any new mom to bring her baby to Dr. Mark!
– Kiran R.
My two-year-old son, Trent, was seen by Dr. Burdette when he was ill with a virus-high fever, body aches, etc… After two adjustments, and no medicine, Trent was up and running around like, well like a two year old.
We are chiropractic believers.
– Respectfully, Jane B.
Dear Dr. Burdette,
I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful care that you have given to both my son and myself. Although I’m happy for you and your family in your relocation to California, I will miss your skilled hands and wonderful bedside manner.
I have recommended not only you, but also the Chiropractic profession to many of my friends as a result of my experience with you. When I lost the use of my right arm, I first sought the care of my primary care physician who sent me to a physical therapist, both of which only worsened my condition. The pain in my arm was increasing daily, even while undergoing physical therapy treatments, until I began treatments with you.
First, you gave me the most thorough physical examination, complete with x-rays, that I have ever received in all my years of seeing doctors. From that examination and your keen ability to listen to my description of pain, you prescribed various chiropractic techniques to alleviate my suffering.
You required that I see you according to a regimented schedule, which was most difficult during the first few visits. I wondered why I was returning to you each visit, only to endure pain during the visit, yet assured by you that the techniques take time to work. You also taught me various home exercises to compliment the treatments I received from you. Sure enough, within a few weeks, the pain to my arm subsided. Then with additional visits, the feeling to my fingers returned, and eventually, all pain related to my arm was gone.
I appreciate the persistent with which you worked, insisting on regular visits for the optimal treatment plan and continued visits even after the pain subsided. It worked. You know what you’re talking about. You’re good at what you do. I envy your new patients in California.
Your patient, Kathy P.
P.S. I almost forgot to say hello from my son Kenneth. He enjoyed the visits that he had to your office as well as I did. When he had injured his back playing with his friends, you cared for him with such patience and a touch of humor that he always looked forward to his next visit with you. Your children are fortunate to have a built-in chiropractor in the family.
I like Dr. Mark because he makes me shoulders, my back, my legs, and my head feel better. He also makes me feel special because he gives me stickers and sometimes legos or golfballs.
– Cameron (Age 5)
I like going to Dr. Mark. He makes my back feel better!
– Susanna (Age 3)
I like going to Dr. Mark because we have fun. Afterwards my whole body feels very relaxed and like I’m relaxing in a pool.
– Ryan (Age 7)
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