Dr. Mark’s Stretches

There is a direct correlation between ‘Posture’ and ‘Health’. These elementary stretches are provided to improve posture which in turn, increases Oxygen intake for the body (which affects blood flow, mental alertness, digestion, athletic performance, etc…). Posture is also significantly important for ‘growing’ spines. A child’s posture dictates future health and performance. Please ask for advanced posture stretches on your next visit for yourself and your family.

Please note: If you are repairing from injury or have an illness which involves ‘bones and or muscles’; do not perform any stretching activity until you have been examined by our doctors and instructed on which activities are suitable for you to perform.

Posture Stretch #1

Place palms together in small of back.

Push / sightly / toward the floor. Pinching shoulder blades together. Hold for 15-20 seconds and then release.

Do not lean forward.



and hip are in alignment. Repeat exercise 1-5 times.

Goal: Improved posture!

You are stretching the front of your shoulders and you are opening up your chest.

You are also working and stretching the muscles in your mid-back.

Posture Stretch #2

In this stretch, you are seated; straddle corner of a chair/bench. Extend arms outward and slightly down toward the floor, and point thumbs posteriorly along with extending all fingers.

Start with eblows wide and at shoulder level and interlace your fingers. Thumbs are touching your collarbone.

Inhale to prepare and Exhale as you twist to the right, keeping your head forward. Keep your hips bolted to the chair and sit tall.

Inhale to prepare again and Exhale twist to the left.

Inhale and Exhale twist back to the right, twisting a little further.

Inhale and Exhale twist to the left, twisting a little further.

Lumbar Stretch

You start by laying down on the floor. Knees are bent and are pointed to the ceiling. Arms are out by your shoulders in a “T” position.

Start with knees pointed toward the ceiling. Back is flat and arms are extended out to a “T'” position

Inhale and drop your knees to the right.

Exhale and drop your knees a little further. Then inhale and bring your kness back to the center. Exhale.

Inhale and drop your knees to the left.

Exhale and drop your knees a little further. Then inhale and bring your knees back to center. Exhale.

Towel Stretch

Start standing with one end of the towel under your right foot. Hold the other end of the towel with your right hand.

Drop your right shoulder and hold the towel low enough so the towel is pulled taut.

Seperate your feet a little wider than hip width apart.

Slowly lower your left ear…

to your left shoulder. Don’t pull your shoulder to your ear.

Hold for 10 seconds. You should feel a good stretch down the side of your neck.

Neck & Shoulder

With Small rolled towel at upper back level, gently lean back until stretch is felt. Hold for a few seconds. Relax.

With rolled towel placed lengthwise at upper back level, lie back on towel with arms outstretched. Hold for a few seconds. Relax.

Upper Limb Neural Tension: Ulnar III

Bend right elbow and position fingers around eye, hand upside down. Pull elbow backward. Hold for a few seconds.

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