Back Pain Testimonials

Dear Dr. Mark,
Today, I sit comfortably, writing to tell you how much your treatments have helped. Coming to you was one of the smartest things I have ever done. Not only am I on the way to a pain free life but also a healthier “more aware” lifestyle.
I must tell you that, having been diagnosed in 1979 with a connective tissue disease that included the prediction of “being in a wheelchair by forty,” I never believed the doctor and swore that it was not going to happen to me. That was until two weeks ago when for the first time in 22 years of constant pain, I actually uttered those very same words. I felt even though it was a few years beyond his prediction of forty, my time as an ambulatory person was nearing its end and the eminent reality of using a wheelchair was here.
Two weeks ago I had such severe and constant pain in my back, hips and legs that I could no longer walk comfortably. I could not lift my leg to enter my car or climb the few steps into my house, I could not sleep through the night or for that matter, longer than 2 hours. The pain was never really relieved, as I do not take analgesics like aspirin, Tylenol, or Ibuprofen very well. Everything I needed or wanted to do was such an effort and so painful!
Since starting treatment with you I now hope for the future. Slowly but surely, each day, I see and feel improvement. I in addition to feeling better, I am now confident that I will continue to improve and I will not need that wheel chair! I am learning patience while I am working hard to improve my health. I know it will take time and that is why as I take my next, slowwww, deep breath, and exhale, I again say, I Thank You!
– Sincerely, Mika M.
Let me start my testimonial off by saying THANK YOU TO DR. MARK… “I was nearly carried into Dr. Mark’s office with severe back pain…just for starters.” I had other aches and pains, but the back pain had become most severe. It was to the point of having pain whenever I had to sit down or stand up. Lying down in bed at night trying to sleep through the night, getting out of bed in the morning was becoming extremely painful. Simple chores throughout my daily routine were becoming impossible. Dr. Mark started not only his physical treatment, but omitted certain things from my diet and incorporated stretching techniques that have made a dramatic difference. He has increased my quality of life so much that I can see a much brighter future more myself as I approach my 50th birthday. And all of this is after my primary physician had sent me for physical therapy that only involved some stretching exercises that were not helping me as a single remedy, I was only getting worse. Only after I started seeing Dr. Mark, did I feel real improvement…and all this without having to get on prescription filled!
It truly amazes me how chiropractic care can completely eliminate almost any reason to ever have to visit a physician. The treatments provided positive results immediately for me and left me looking forward to the next visit with greater anticipation for a pain-free, healthier lifestyle. Everyone should have a goal that builds toward another. My goal is to build toward being the healthiest I have ever been. The only way to completely achieve that is through chiropractic care. Since I have known other chiropractors in the past, I owe my positive opinions and positive results with regard to this medical science to Dr. Mark Burdette.
– Deborah E.
On Saturday July 14th I was happily out running errands with my daughter when while at the store I suddenly felt a pain in my lower back, by the time I returned home I could barely walk from the pain. I sat down to soon find out I could not get up, I had suddenly become the hunchback of Notre Dame because I could not straighten out my back and could only sit and cry from the pain you have been a friend and neighbor to my family and me but now you were about to become my Angel. I will never forget standing at your front door crying and asking if you could help me. You so graciously gave of your time that day to assess my problem and start me on the road to recovery by starting treatment on my back. (You even made a house call for me as I could do little more than crawl at that point.) On Sunday you once again gave up your free time to see me, (I was standing by then) and continued your gentle adjustments on my aching back. I went to work on Monday morning singing your praises as by that point I was moving and walking when I had expected to still be flat on the floor.
As a Registered Nurse I know the important of a healthy lifestyle, and taking a proactive approach to health, I stress it within my patients daily. I was just too busy with daily life to remember it for my self, until nature forced me to slow down and reconsider things. Today I had my 5th treatment from you and as I sit here writing this letter I am completely pain free and thankful to be once again fully participating in life.
Thank you for your time and gentle care. Not only are you a friend but you are now forever my Chiropractor.
– Sincerely,
Liz L.
I went to Dr. Mark because I was told that one leg was about an inch longer than my other leg. My lower back ached all of the time. After several sessions with Dr. Mark, I noticed a big improvement. I was sitting in my chair one evening when I stopped what I was doing and listened to my body. For the first time, in too many years to recall, I felt no pain. It was pure joy! As I continue to keep my appointments with Dr. Mark and continue with exercises, I walk straighter and have less pain. I still have a way to go, but I’m delighted with the improvement so far.
– Celeste H.
For many years I have had severe throbbing neck pains and lower back discomfort. I found it hard to stand for long periods of time and sitting was uncomfortable. A friend recommended Dr. Mark Burdette to me. After the first visit my lower back discomfort was gone, and after a month, no more neck pain. I have also mysteriously lost 13 pounds.
Chiropractic has definitely changed my life for the better.
– Kris H.
I was introduced to chiropractic four months ago when my husband was complaining of back pain while we were at Kobey’s Swap Meet one weekend. Dr. Mark Burdette gave us a free alignment check at the Mossuto Chiropractic booth. It was then that I realized that my body was not as symmetrical as I thought on the outside. I wanted nothing more than to be aesthetically correct on the outside, so I sought treatment from Dr. Burdette with that in mind.
After an office visit for x-rays, I realized that chiropractic is not just for back aches or spine straightening. I learned that getting chiropractic adjustments could relieve me of the migraines I’d been suffering from for over half my life and assist in maintaining excellent health for the rest of my life.
Just one adjustment made a world of difference for me. Two weeks of intense headaches went away that afternoon. A few more adjustments kept the migraine pain at bay.
I am in the navy and spend a lot of time at sea. Sometimes I have to spend a few extra weeks at sea. Even so, all I have to do is resume regular treatments from Dr. Burdette when I can, and I keep feeling better and better all the time. My head doesn’t hurt and I never get sick anymore. I even have a better attitude at work!
I have Dr. Mark Burdette to thank for educating me about health and treating me with chiropractic.
Thanks, Mark!
– Stephanie B.
My name is Sara W. I am a 34 year old female, and I work as a flight attendant for one of the major airlines. During the last ten years, I sustained several injuries to my lower back. These injuries resulted in my experiencing pain to my lower back on a daily basis.
In June 1999, I sought chiropractic care from Mr. Mark Burdette at Parker Chiropractic College. I received my first adjustment in July 1999.
In the beginning Mr. Burdette was giving me adjustments three times a week, and taught me how to stretch my back muscles. As my range of motion improved, and the pain decreased, my adjustments were less frequent. I still stretch twice a day.
At the present time I receive adjustments about every ten days. My pain has subsided for the most part.
I attribute my improved quality of life to the professional attention provided to me by Mr. Burdette. He has an excellent bedside manner and always takes the time to listen to my concerns and questions. Mr. Burdette’s explanations were always detailed and conveyed in layman’s terms.
I would like to thank him for the professional care which he has provided, and I would encourage anyone who is interested in maintaining a healthy body or is suffering from pain to seek chiropractic treatment from Mr. Burdette.
– Sara W.
I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea several years ago. I have also been under tremendous stress as a full-time caregiver. The pain and numbness in my toes have been unbearable.
Dr. Moore’s assessment found that I could benefit from treatment for my various symptoms and ailments.
Thus far, I have experienced relief from stress and backaches, and the numbness in my toes. I am actually sleeping better since starting treatment.
The Massage was so wonderful!
– Evie H.
Dr. Mark was highly recommended to me by my friend, Andrea P. I had injured my back and Dr. Mark and his awesome staff had me come to the office right away. Upon entering the office I was instantly impressed with the look, the “feel” (atmosphere), the friendliness and professionalism of the Staff and Dr. Mark. I have been seeing Dr. Mark for 2 months and I feel wonderful. He not only does adjustments, but has taught me beneficial stretches. My posture has improved and I am able to exercise daily. Dr. Mark also introduced me to the Master Cleanse (ask him about it-you will feel great!). Thank you Dr. Mark and “crew”!
– Joanie F.

    For the past 9 years, I have been seeing various chiropractors, and Community Chiropractic Center has honestly provided me with the best treatment to date. The Staff at Community Chiropractic Center are very knowledgeable and use the latest technologies to diagnose problem areas of the back. Also, the Staff expresses genuine concern for my overall health and treats me like family. The Massage Therapists are very good at knowing where the muscles are tense and focusing on problem areas to relax t

    Nick H.

    My back pain was so bad after I had done some work I needed help. I had severe lower back pain. I could not get up from a sitting position without help. I have had this problem for 3 months and was gradually getting worse. I have been to emergency rooms for MRI’s and was told it would become worse. Since coming to you I have experienced gradual relief in my movements. I am getting more mobile each treatment. Thank you!

    James S.

    I was having lower back and neck pain that is why I took the exam. Once I was made aware of the problem I wanted to do something about it. My wife & I had started our adjustments & were about one month into it when I was rear ended by a truck. I already had some neck pain as I stated before but after the third day after the accident the pain was very bad. I was re-examined & had some very different problems than was first treated for. The treatments began the 2nd week of January & after only 21

    – Ron H.

    I have had lower back pain for several years. The pain had gradually gotten worse recently, and was especially bad after lying in bed for several hours. The pain would increase at the point that it would actually wake me up around four or give in the morning. Normal pain0killers were ineffective as they usually would have worn off by this time. I had seen several Doctors and two Chiropractors in the past for this problem. After about four weeks of 2-3 visits per week, my pain has diminished to a

    Allan K.

    I am a 48 year-old commercial concrete worker. I have 27 years of intense work behind me. For the past 15 years, I’ve lived with severe on and off again back pain, limited neck mobility and sinus problems. I am also an avid golfer (currently 5 handicap). I was occasionally unable to complete my follow through prior to chiropractic adjustments. My mobility has changed dramatically. I recently won my club championship and hit the ball further than I ever have, with less effort, I no longer wake

    Gene M.

    My dear friend Kristin referred me to Dr. Mark. After my first year of graduate school, my back was always in pain and I had developed a lump on the top of my spine. I was concerned about not only my physical health, but also the psychological effect it was having on me. I was frequently tired. The pain in my back terribly frustrating and causing me to take pain relievers almost daily. During my first visit, Dr. Mark made it very clear to me that chiropractic care would not only help my back pa

    Kelly D.

    I was diagnosed with tension headaches and migraines. It started in October 2001 and lasted for several weeks. I was prescribed migraine medication. However, it would continue to come back. I had severe neck and back tension as well. My co-workers suggested Chiropractic care. I was very reluctant and didn’t believe in it. However, my co-worker recommended her Chiropractor, Dr. Mark. I started going twice a week and in those weeks I still had my headaches. I still kept going and it was the thir

    Sarah A.

    I first came to Dr. Mark as a recommendation from my co-worker who was a patient of his. I was having lower back pain and I couldn’t sleep that well at night. I thought at first it was my mattress. I had gone through two of them; I really didn’t know what the problem was. I exercise all the time. So, I tried Dr. Mark just after a few visits I was able to sleep all through the night and had more energy during the day. I now tell everyone that has any of these symptoms and even just for a chec

    Tony C.

    My mom has had back pains for a long time and one time she had me go with her to Dr. Mark for help with the bad headaches I have been getting several times a week for as long as I can remember. After about two weeks of seeing Dr. Mark they were almost gone and now almost non-existent. After seeing him for about a month the subject of my bad menstrual cramps came up, he then did a painful adjustment on me. It worked wonders though and my cramps are almost gone after only two treatments. I really

    Rebecca L.

    I was having severe back problems for about 6 months before I came to see Dr. Mark. I really needed to get some help. I’ve been coming to see the Dr. for about a month and I realized my back pain has improved immensely. I’m also asthmatic and usually use my inhaler to control my breathing about 6-10 times a day. Since having my adjustments I only have to use my inhaler about 3 times throughout the day, which is a great improvement. Thank you very much for all of your help Dr. Mark! I’m fee

    Julie T.

    After seeing Dr. Mark for four weeks, I wake up in the morning without a sore stiff neck. I can’t remember the last time I felt good waking up. Thanks for such good care Dr. Mark! P.S. Oh. My leg doesn’t hurt anymore, which was the original reason I came to see you! You’re GREAT!

    Diane H.

    Because I’ve had a chronic sciatic problem for years I’ve had a nagging pain in my right hip and down the back of my legs especially when I drive. It got worse in June of this year and it became almost unbearable to drive. I heard of Dr. Mark through association with BNI and after a month of treatment I had considerable relief, and after two months the pain was almost a 100% gone. Now I only have an occasional twinge now and then. I have been treated by various chiropractors over a 20-year p

    Rita B.

    I have severe pain in my back and left leg. I could barely walk and I couldn’t stand up straight. I thought the problem would go away and heal itself but that didn’t happen. I decided to see a doctor of Chiropractic because I had received positive results beforehand. The results in this office have been very good and I’m walking much better. I am in very little pain at this time. Thank you for your help.

    Bob C.

    I went to Dr. Mark to solve a long-standing lower back problem. I had been to other health care providers with little long-term success. Dr. Burdette developed a treatment plan that began solving my problems. I can once again dunk a basketball! That may not seem remarkable for a guy that is 6’6” but when you consider that I’m 52 years old that’s amazing!! Dr. Burdette developed my treatment plan, explained it thoroughly and then executed the plan with great skill and compassion. Thank yo

    Martin I.

    Dr. Mark is warm & genuine in his friendly demeanor. He took time to review my charts & clarified any questions he had prior to ever adjusting me. He had the time I needed! I was impressed. Dr. Mark not only treats the spine, & the muscles, he treats the mind & the complete body. Good chiropractic care ensures this is accomplished & Dr. Mark is the BEST doctor of chiropractic that I have ever found in my years of searching. Dylan is my 13 month old son who I've been bringing to see Dr. Mark sin

    Nicole T.

    I came to see Dr. Mark in March 2003 due to heavy & frequent headaches, lower back & right shoulder pain. I had an automobile accident in April 2002 & ever since I developed a great deal of neck stiffness & an achy back. I saw several doctors at a local Clinic & was prescribed medication for pain relief. Since I began treatment with Dr. Mark, my headaches are gone. My shoulder pain decreased to a minimum and my overall quality of life improved a great deal. As a matter of fact my family is happ

    Ms. Trinidad W.

    I have had lower back pain on and off for a number of years. My doctor took x-rays and said I had arthritis in my lower back. Recently, I became so uncomfortable that it was an effort to talk or even move it was so painful. A friend of my daughter had been to Dr. Mark and told my daughter how much he had helped her, so my daughter insisted that I see him. I had my first appointment on 6/12/06 and have gone for treatments three times a week since. While I am not completely free of pain I cannot b

    Dororthy B.

    I recently started seeing dr. mark for pain in my back near the sciatica nerve area. I additionally had arms (left one in particular) that itched terrible with no evidence of skin irritation. I have had itchy arms on and off for five years. Within 48 hours of seeing dr. mark and having preliminary adjustments, my itchy arms stopped completely. Other doctors have no been able to help, but Dr. Mark did. Thank you, thank you. Although, we are still working on the back relief, each visit makes me fe

    Michele S.

    First, I would like to thank Dr. Mark. I am now hiking, walking, and most importantly working. My back went out completely. I couldn’t walk, sit, or shower. I was scared. Wow, now I have more respect for how I do things. Dr. Mark introduced me to “The Cleanse” (this crazy lemonade drink). I have lost 10 lbs. The First time, and did it again and lost another 10 lbs. You’re in great care here! Thank you Dr. Mark and your awesome staff!

    Eddie E.

    I was in pain. I would sit for hours a day on the ground playing with my children. Finally the pain became too much for me and I could no longer play on the ground. In speaking with another mother at my children’s school, I found out about Dr. Mark. Within minutes of my first adjustment, I felt less pain. After a new more appointments and stretching exercises, I was again able to plain with my kids on the ground. My back feels stronger than ever!

    Kim V.

    Before I was introduced to Chiropractic Care, I had NO idea that there were other options besides doctor care & prescription drugs. I was always told, “If you're in pain, go see a doctor!” I always had pain shooting up from my right leg up towards my lower back for about a year. Every time I crossed my right leg over my left I would have a “Charlie-horse” tingling sensation in my lower right calf which would then shoot up into my lower back. I came into Chiropractic Care as an employee w

    Vanessa P.

    Thank you for treating me on such short notice. I am truly blessed to have you in my life. You’re an amazing doctor. I didn’t think I would recover from my back pain so soon. The stretches you showed me really helped me improve. And now you have me back to doing my mommy duties. I enjoyed having Josh take care of the baby for a few days. Thank you again for all that you do for me and my family.

    Rose G.

    I came in with extreme lower back pain. A couple co-workers told me about Dr. Mark. I was super scared and nervous. He took all that away! Very professional and easy to talk to. I came in and could hardly walk, the next day after my first visit I felt 10 times better! I am very grateful to have been told about Dr. Mark! I would recommend Community Chiropractic Center to all my friends and family.

    Ashley H.
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